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Sunday, November 13, 2016


We know you're thinking Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday right now but right behind all those comes Christmas. And since our LAST SHIPPING DATE for Christmas delivery in the US and Canada is December 10th, we have to think Christmas now. And guess what? So should you when it comes to the beautiful jewelry we carry at DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY on Ruby Lane! Why?

Because we really want and need to sell off our collection. And to show you how serious we are about that, we're holding a BELOW COST SALE before Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We mean what we say: this is truly a BELOW COST SALE, so offers can not be considered. The good news? The asking prices will be incredibly good!

Perhaps you haven't visited our shop in a long while. If not, you've missed seeing some amazing pieces that have come...and gone! But below are some of our more recent additions. Will these be on sale in our BELOW COST PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE? Well slip over to Divine Finds Jewelry first chance you get on Thursday, November 17th and find out! See you there.

Oh, one more thing: our entire ERTE collection will be included in this BELOW COST SALE too! Now is your chance to invest in an authentic ERTE at a price you never thought you'd see for Erte!
Hot Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring appraised over $19,000!
18k Pink Sapphire & Diamond Tennis Bracelet

14k natural diamond and lab-created Alexandrite ring

Edwardian Rose-cut diamond and unheated pink Sapphire brooch

18k Italian Diamond & Ruby Charm Bracelet

Oh, one more thing: our entire ERTE COLLECTION will be included in this BELOW COST SALE too! Now is your chance to invest in an authentic ERTE at a price you never thought you'd see for Erte!

Thursday, December 3, 2015


If you haven't visited DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY in several months, you won't realize how few items are now left in our shop. That's because we've been "liquidating" bit by bit for over 6 months.

But we still have some absolutely superb pieces of antique, vintage and estate rings, necklaces and bracelets and if you're quick, you can purchase a selection of these at marvellous savings over the original prices, provided you purchase between today and December 13, 2015. That's when our LAST CHANCE SALE ends, so that we still have time to ship your purchases to you in time for Christmas.

So, here's your LAST CHANCE to buy this authentic and very rare CARTIER wedding/engagement ring set at less than 1/4 of its appraised value:

This beautiful set is "Accompanied by the original GIA grading report dated from 1974 for "Cartier, Inc., New York" and offers you 2.61 carats of incredibly brilliant diamonds in a unique design, just as you'd expect from Cartier! Right now, it can be yours, if you purchase it by December 13 for only $5250. Imagine popping the question at Christmas or New Year's eve with this Cartier set!

So what else are we offering at almost ridiculous prices? Well how about this very affordable, unique color-changing sapphire ring for only $695? 

The photo on the left shows the color of that sapphire in incandescent light. But if you click on THIS LINK, you can see how that color changes in different light settings. And while you're over there, place your order by December 13, 2015 and save 50% on the original asking price. Best of all, we can get it to you by Christmas. Oh, our last shipping date is December 15, 2015. Hurry!

Looking for something, a necklace perhaps, for that person who loves ANTIQUE jewelry? We have one that will appeal to those interested in the ART NOUVEAU period and it's in amazing condition. 

This ART NOUVEAU "Grapevine" necklace is indescribably beautiful with its cluster of baroque seed pearls and finely etched 14k gold leaves.The leaves have a delightful reddish tinge to the 14k. The necklace fits, festoon-like around the neck. What a conversation piece. 

While we've already reduced the price by $600, to offer it to you for only $1198 during our LAST CHANCE SALE, since we are looking to liquidate our stock (due to other interests) we are still receptive to reasonable offers on this rare necklace. 

Why not slip over to THIS LINK now, look at the rest of our pictures and make us an offer we can't refuse. We're waiting...

Is that all there is? No way! We have other designer signed rings, e.g. Kurt Wayne, along with some very rare and collectible pieces from my personal ERTE "ART TO WEAR" jewelry, like this ERTE "SALOME" PENDANT

I adore my Erte collection and quite honestly, I never thought I'd offer it for sale. But sometimes life has a way of changing your plans. "Salome" is only one of several superb pieces I'm offering right now from our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY shop, but if it isn't sold by Christmas, it's going back into my heirloom safe. There are some pieces of jewelry too valuable to just give away. My Erte collectibles fit that category. 

But there's lots of other jewels to choose from. So come on over and visit us now...or at least before December 13th. And yes, layaway is still okay on the higher end pieces. Just talk to us!

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Yes! You read it right!

Divine Finds Jewelry at Ruby Lane is going into #LIQUIDATION, and from September 5th to September 13th is offering its gorgeous collection at prices never before seen.

Oh, we know: we've held liquidation sales before. And that's because we were serious about liquidating then and even more so now. Things change in people's lives and we've had some huge changes in our family occur over 2014/15. But now, it's more imperative than ever that we unload what we have left in stock so we can move onto other interests.

Now, if you haven't been over to DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY in a while, then odds are you haven't seen 60% of the beautiful new rings and things added in the past 6 months. And even some of those are now being offered at Liquidation prices.  So what do we have?

How's this incredible certified CARTIER vintage diamond wedding/engagement ring set ?

Ladies, this is exquisite! It features  2.61 carats of GIA certified diamonds, and the buyer gets that original certification, along with the recent appraisal we had done on this magnificent set. In case you're curious, the set is appraised at over $21,000. And what is our liquidation price? Only $5500! It's the most wished for item in our shop. So scurry on over and check it out now before it's gone. 

So what else is being offered at LIQUIDATION prices? Well our second most popular ring, this knockout 2.30ct FANCY YELLOW DIAMOND Engagement ring below can be yours when you place your order by September 13th, for only $4150. It comes with an appraisal of over $17,000!

Are you thinking "well that's great but both of those are way over my budget. Got anything less expensive? We sure do. Like I said, we're liquidating. So this SPINEL/TANZANITE cocktail ring below is going for the ridiculously low price of ... ready for it? $198! Yes, that's all. Take a look now. 

And there's more. Tons more. In fact, another 36 of our 48 items are being offered at LIQUIDATION prices, including all our ERTE "Art to Wear" jewelry like our "La Mer" Amethyst Earrings and Ring, and one of my most prized and beloved ERTE pieces, this RARE ERTE NUMBER BRACELET:

When I'm selling off my valuable ERTE collection, you know DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY's LIQUIDATION SALE is for real. Parting with my Erte breaks my heart. My partner feels likewise about her rings. But sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

What you gotta do now is take a few minutes this week to slip over to DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE and see if we have something you'd love to have at a price we're never offered before. And yes, before you ask, if the item is over $750, you can still put it on layaway for 3 months, just in time to get it for Christmas. Thanks in advance for stopping by and giving us a try. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Vivid Green Tsavorite Garnet Diamond Ring: 50% off at Divine Finds Jewelry

If you aren't yet finished your Christmas shopping for that one special person, and you haven't yet slipped over to Divine Finds Jewelry At Ruby Lane, you are running out of time to make a substantial saving on that ring, bracelet or necklace that will say "You mean everything to me" on Christmas morning.

Except for our prized ERTE selection, every item in our shop is being offered at 50% OFF. This is the the lowest price at which we can afford to sell you these divine jewels. So now is the time to buy them...not next week. NOW! Why now? Because in 5 days time, we cannot guarantee delivery in time for Christmas. Our last shipping date for the US or Canada is December 15th. We're already close to too late for overseas.

What's more, come December 16th, prices revert to the original. No more 50% OFF. You know what they say about "He/she who hesitates..."

Even if you don't need the item for Christmas, but you've had it on your wish list forever, why would you wait any longer? The price will not go below 50% OFF. Can't afford to pay in full now? We'll let you put it on layaway. So don't let it get away again!

We look forward to serving you. Come see us soon. NO! Not soon. NOW.

Divine Finds Jewelry ... the lowest prices ever on gorgeous, valuable high end estate jewels.

Antique split pearl and peridot necklace being sold at cost until December 15, 2014. 

Friday, September 12, 2014


Oh, I've been slack! Summer does that to you. Plus, I've been busy finishing the writing of my second book, "Learning to Love Myself" officially being launched October 15, 2014. (Download a sample HERE).And then I got the thrill of a lifetime when I was awarded a Gold Medal in the 2014 Readers Favorite Book Awards for my first book, "No Tears for my Father"! Can you blame me for not having my mind on jewelry? 

My apologies, but those events are the key reasons I'm seriously into liquidation of all my inventory in our Divine Finds Jewelry Shop at Ruby Lane. Our CLEARANCE SALE has been going on for a couple of weeks now, with items marked down as much as 50%, with several below cost. We really need to move these items as we're possibly going to shut the doors on the shop altogether after Christmas. So this is a fantastic chance for you to save big on our gorgeous and valuable diamond and gemstone vintage jewelry. Think Christmas!

The glorious, signed BIRKS multi-diamond ring shown on the left offers close to .50 carats of VS diamonds of F - G color. Its original price was $1250, but during the CLEARANCE SALE, this size 7 ring can be yours for only $625. And by the way, it's fashioned from and stamped 18k BIRKS!

We have another authentic 18k BIRKS ring with 5 diamonds on CLEARANCE as well. You can buy this one for even less: $550!
Click the links above to go over and see both rings right now. You can't go wrong securing authentic Birks rings at these very low prices!

Or what about a truly spectacular  DIAMOND  and RUBY  Dinner or Cocktail  Ring for the upcoming festive season?  Words cannot express just how beautiful that ring  you can see on the right really is.  Nor can  photos , as good as they are, capture the impact it will have when you see it with your own eyes. This ring is a real beauty and comes with an appraisal of nearly $6000! There's 2.98 carats of rubies so clear you'll think they can't be real ... but they are! And there's also 1.05 carats of brilliant diamonds, all set in 14k white gold. This is a high quality ring and at 50% off its original asking price, you'll pay only $1399! And yes, we'll accept layaway as long as the layaway is paid off by Christmas so we can ship it to you in time for the big day. What are you waiting for? Go over and check it out now!

Now for those of you with a few more dollars to spend, we have considerable savings on several of our very high end rings as well, like this absolutely riveting natural YELLOW diamond ring below:

With an appraisal over $17,000, and a CLEARANCE SALE price of just over $5,000, this is an incredible buy and a wonderful investment. That center stone, graded a natural FANCY YELLOW, is a 1.29 carat diamond of VS1 clarity. Wowsa! Then there's another 116 diamonds totalling 2.30 carats set around it in a superb mount. The diamonds continue down the sides of the 18k white and yellow gold band. There's only one of these rings in our shop and 13 shoppers have already added it to their wish lists. At a saving of $1800 over our original asking price, if you can afford it, this is the one to buy. Just look at how it will look on your finger. Take a LOOK at the rest of the photos NOW!

Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, just about every item in our shop is ON SALE, including antique and vintage necklaces, pendants, bracelets and all those rings you love so much. Savings range from 25% to 50% off and except for the items at 50% off, you can still MAKE AN OFFER. We can't promise to accept it, but you just never know. We really do want, and need to sell off our inventory at this time. We're going to lose on some of these items, but our buyers will win big-time!

VISIT US TODAY. As much as we're into liquidation/clearance, we may end or postpone the sale, without notice, at any time. And the closer we get to Christmas shopping, the lesser the discounts we will give. So the time to buy is NOW! Come see us: DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE.  And thanks for taking time out or your busy schedule to drop by our shop!

Friday, June 13, 2014


Spring has sprung in North America and we're celebrating the nicer weather with a new idea: 


Here's how it works: 

Every day, we're going to put one or two items in our DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY shop ON SALE at a very SPECIAL, very LOW PRICE! And believe me, the price will be low ... about as low as we can afford to go as we are seriously wanting to liquidate our stock due to other interests. 

But our subscribers and visitors will have to be on the ball, meaning you'll need to slip over to our shop daily to check out what each day's SPECIAL is. 

There's no use waiting for my blog post, as by the time you get it, it might already be the next day and the special will have ended! That said, I will try to put out a post a day but I can't guarantee I'll have time to do that. I do have a life beyond jewelry! So that puts the onus back on you if you've been wanting one of our gorgeous gemstone or diamond rings or necklaces forever and just felt you couldn't afford we were asking. Well maybe now you can! But you'll need to check the shop daily and look for "TODAY'S SPECIAL" in the heading of each ad. 

So let's get you started with the two items we have on TODAY'S SPECIAL now, June 13th! 

The first one is the big, blingy emerald and diamond ring shown in the photo top left. This beauty was appraised a few months back for over $6000. Today, June 13th, you can buy it for $1000 less than its original asking price!  Yes, this beauty can be yours today for only $1998 and we're including the shipping FREE in Canada and the USA. Now who says Friday the 13th is unlucky! This fabulous cocktail ring offers you 1.5 carats of diamonds, and the appraisal will accompany your purchase. CHECK IT OUT NOW!

And what else do we have on SPECIAL TODAY? We have this glorious and valuable Gatsby style Diamond and Pearl Necklace shown below:

What a magnificent piece of vintage jewelry this is. Audrey Hepburn would have worn this in a heartbeat. Michele Obama too! Well you don't have to be wealthy or famous to add this to your collection of beautiful vintage jewelry. You just need good taste, and if you need it, we're happy to let you put this one, or the ring above, on layaway for 4-6 months even. We can't make it easier for you to own this than that!

We've knocked $1598 off the original price of this DIAMOND PEARL NECKLACE and it can be yours, like the ring, for less than 1/3 of its appraised price IF YOU BUY IT TODAY, JUNE 13th!

Okay, enough of that. You know what to do! Don't want either of these? That's fine, but tomorrow, maybe the item you've been dreaming of will be offered as a TODAY'S SPECIAL. So be sure to check DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY daily in case tomorrow or the next day or the next day is YOUR SPECIAL DAY!

Monday, May 19, 2014


Tiffany 18k Diamond Emerald Ring only $1200 during 50% OFF SALE

To celebrate Victoria Day in Canada and Memorial Day in the USA, we're holding a crash 50% OFF SALE on some of our most gorgeous diamond and gemstone jewelry, like the very collectible and rare 18k gold diamond and emerald ring from TIFFANY shown above. But our sale is VERY TIME LIMITED! It's already started now and will end at midnight, May 22nd.

Now I could waste a lot of your time yakking on about this sale, but I don't want to do that. Instead, I'm keeping this post short and suggesting you get over to DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY at RUBY LANE as soon as you can and start checking out the wonderful savings on items like this knockout, RARE yellow diamond ring by Canadian designer, Claude Thibodeau shown below:

18k Yellow Diamond Ring from Claude Thibadeau

or this absolutely stunning opal and diamond ring below which can be yours for only $1699 during this very short, time-limited 50% OFF SALE:

Magnificent Opal Diamond Ring appraised over $5000 can be yours during the 50% OFF SALE for only $1699!

Are you still reading this post? STOP! Just head over to DIVINE FINDS JEWELRY right now and look for all the items marked 50% OFF. There's lots to choose from. Fantastic savings. Don't miss out. Snooze and you lose. GO!